Lauren Conrad turns to Amber Fillerup Clark for 5 minute hairstyles

Quick, But Beautiful

Lauren Conrad and the rest of the team put her social media space in the good hands of Amber Fillerup Clark, who’s the Barefoot Blonde, today coming up with not only 5 hairstyles, but 5 hairstyles that can be done in just 5 minutes whether you’re quickly off to work, or off to your next holiday party.

Amber gets her feet wet first with the three strand braid, a go-to style that gives you quick length and volume when braided in equal sections and tied off with elastic to make it more polished, and a barrette’s job is either secure the braid, or make the braid fuller and looser when it’s pulled out.

The Modern French Twist can be done quickly despite when longtime hair stylist say otherwise, Amber says all you have to do is take all your back hair up with your pointer finger and twist it around 2 to 3 times as the hand moves up, creating a twist in the process, and a simple bobby pin keeps the Modern French Twist secure.

If you thought the bobby pin was just a plain old accessory that keeps your hair together, then you’re missing out on how the bobby pin elevates one’s hair style as it’s paired with a headband, or a scarf around one’s hairstyle or outfit to complement your outfit, and the top knot hairstyle always comes in handy when one is in a rush.

Waves can be done without any heat treatment, all you have to do is wash your hair the night before, braid your hair when it’s halfway dried, sleep the night with the braids in, then undo the braids when you wake up.

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