Lauren Conrad gang craves transitional neutrals


It Can’t Be Spring………

Don’t worry, it’s not spring just yet, nowhere near spring since it’s 16 degrees today up here in New York City where Daniel plus Lauren is for the UBM Man’s Project/ Mrket trade show, but it hasn’t stopped Lauren Conrad from craving transitional neutrals one should have in their closet taking you from winter to spring.

If you need help figuring out how to transition from winter to spring, you can start by looking to the LC Lauren Conrad Collection where you’ll find tops, bottoms, and shoes that can be easily worn now and later, the simpliest way to start with a neutral is with pink, where you can fall in love with blush pink and soft tan colors on any piece imaginable.

Whether you like layers or not, neutrals will change any doubt you have about layers, because neutral layers can help you color code your sweaters and blouses if they come in light colors that are similar to a layered neutral like Lauren has from her LC Kohl’s collection.

Neutrals are not just all about medium and light colors, neutrals can also come in dark colors like black, gray, or darker hues that can be found on the perfect blazer whether it’s a short blazer, or a long enough blazer to be considered a layer which not only means you like this layer, but add a dramatic pop of color over a light blouse and a pair of blue denim jeans with black high heel boots.

Daniel Quintanilla

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