Lauren Conrad’s sweets & sips for Valentine’s Day


Sweeter Than Candy

It’s very inevitable that candy is associated with Valentine’s Day, millions of pounds of chocolate at least are bought each year, and consumed in the same manner, it’s a miracle that one doesn’t change their body composition after eating a full box of chocolate hearts, but there’s other indulgent options too today that Lauren Conrad and her crew offer up in their look at sips and sweets to satisfy our sweet tooths over this Valentine’s Day.

Hot Chocolate and marshmallows have always been a match made in heaven aside from hot milk and melted chocolate becoming one within its own, it’s even better when love is in the air and you add marbled heart marshmallows colored in white and pink to what could be delicious hot chocolate from Dunkin’ Donuts.

Valentine’s Day is not just about love, it’s about making a statement, one can usually find love statements on semi-hard candy hearts saying “Be Mine” and such, but it extends quite greatly on Baked Conversation Heart Donuts not just saying “I Love You”, but also giving women a boost of confidence in their daily struggles with bold statements such as “Girl Power” and “Friends 4 Eva”.

The day of love that’s in just 2 days is not just sweet, but boozy too, so start Valentine’s Day off right with a Strawberry Rose Champagne Cocktail, made up of fine champagne with strawberry purée, it’s as close as it comes to a traditional mimosa, but in red to celebrate love.

Also sweet on Valentine’s Day are Rose Cupcakes and White Chocolate Dipped Berries, Homemade Sour Strawberry Pop Rocks, Baked Cinnamon Sugar Heart Donuts, Kissable Cake Pops, Candy Bar Inspired Treats, Love Letter Pancakes, and Homemade Heart Pop Tarts.

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