Lauren Conrad makes time for date night after having kids

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

Plan Love Accordingly

When a man and a woman meet, there’s a chance that both will become more than friends, which becomes a relationship at that very moment, there’s so much time to spend with each other and do things planned or unplanned, it hopefully leads to marriage, followed by having children, but once a new bundle of joy arrives, there’s no time to spend with each other without it being carefully planned, Lauren Conrad explains that dilemma today with Ask Lauren.

Lauren says that several new moms seek Lauren’s advice lately about how they can make time for the man in their lives since they’re so busy raising a newborn which consumes both mother and father’s time alike, it all comes down to making a plan, setting a date night up like a playdate where mommy and daddy can get together without being interrupted by the kids, it also takes finding a trusted baby sitter that can spend the evening with your children.

Lauren also made it her New Year’s resolution for 2019 that she was going to make it her number one priority to plan more date nights with husband, William Tell, and not be bound by the next invitation to a wedding, baby shower, and such to have a perfectly good reason to spend quality time with William.

Now there are those times where even planning a night out of the house with just the two of you is just completely impossible, so do what Lauren and William do after baby goes to bed, cuddle up together to watch a movie or binge watch, play a card game, or bake a cake which will get you too knowing each other like before the kids arrived, sky’s the limit in making one’s relationship work.

Daniel Quintanilla

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