Lauren Conrad’s most romantic beauty looks


Love Arrives On Time

Yes, it’s Valentine’s Day folks, that day where we must show our love for one another in the forms of cards, candies, gifts, and booze, plus a little intimacy with each other that leads to spectacular defining moments in our lives in the years to come, and you need a little beauty to go with that love and affection you show for your man so he’s wowed all the way, Lauren Conrad can definitely help with that today with primp tips of the most romantic looks that define beautiful.

The beginning of romance with Lauren is a no fuss fishtail which is an undone braid that’s perfectly taught by Amber Fillerup Clark, adding a dash of shimmer to one’s makeup always does the trick in bringing the utmost beauty out of a woman, two tone manicures are becoming a rage in the nail polish world showing off 2 shades of red or pink for Valentine’s Day, making a perfect winged eyeliner always works too, and Bridget Bardot inspired hair always makes one fall in love.

Manicures have the power to go even further as you add 3 subtle and sparkly elements to it with a stripe of gold raining down the middle of 3 fingers, you can also take minutes to make a half-messy updo braid because imperfection always attracts, and the one trick pony on the face that always brings the goods to the table when it comes to beauty on Valentine’s Day or any day, it’s lipstick matte.

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