CAAFD blooms a new set of designers at New York Fashion Week

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla
Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla
Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla
Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla
Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

Young Blood Is So Refreshing

New York Fashion Week as we know it is a staple every February and September here in New York City, and there’s always ways to keep the long time ritual going, with new ideas, new opportunities, and new revenue streams, but it’s very important to keep in mind why NYFW is still relevant in spite of what critics may say, it’s the fresh and emerging designers with brand new ideas, there was no lack of that Tuesday evening over at Industria here in New York City as the Council of Aspiring American Fashion Designers (CAAFD) presented its semi-annual runway program of new talented designers of tomorrow that are nurtured officially by NYFW itself.

In this latest installment stressing that fall/ winter 2019-20 will be filled with bright elegance, bold colors, and a break in boundries, it is Tom Foolery that was first up to bat (founded by Shannon Ashford) with her collection of jumpsuits locally created and made without labor exploitations, exhibiting all the class and elegance of a dress for an evening out while offering enough mobility to outrun the cop at the end of the night, creating visually appealing garments while maintaining integrity, which are sewn by Shannon herself with fabrics created from plastic bottles collected from Haiti.

There’s something about the colors of red, green, purple, orange, and pink to name a few in their true natural form that scream many levels of sex on a woman, it’s what makes RC Caylan the right budding designer to create such a collection of gowns that emphasizes a woman’s instincts to attract a man hard and fast, RC is among some of the top designers hand selected and approved with CAAFD higher ups, RC’s background includes being surrounded by clothes and fashion his entire life, where RC was inspired by the female physique and glamour, putting emphasis on the concept of a woman where every piece RC makes is one of a kind.

There’s something crazy about Beyonce and her costumes at concerts and music videos that we just can’t sleep at night over, they’re just plain eye-popping and sexy to our deepest core, there’s no one like Viktoria Tisza who no only is inspired by Beyonce herself, but has designed on-stage bodysuits and dresses for Beyonce and her dancers on Beyonce’s 2015 world tour, which Viktoria strongly injects into the FW19 collection, where this Hungarian designer experiments with new technologies such as molded pieces of silicone rubber, which is a versatile material that supports her sci-fi ambiance concepts.

In a fall 2019-20 that drilling to be filled with shock and awe even before Halloween arrives, there’s room for a touch of subtlety with the barriers broken regardless, it comes from Sania Maskatiya who’s based in Pakistan only using pure, luxe fabrics cut and draped in a range of directional but feminine silhouettes, with imaginative inspiration from a unique interplay of colors, depicting imagery inspired by nature and the environment, often juxtaposed with an estatic twist, mixing subtlety and female rudiments to create a fresh and vibrant collection.

The CAAFD prides itself being the incubator, as well as the final drop needed to make those budding designers who have clout in their own right the ones that take charge of the fashion industry not only today, but more so tomorrow and beyond, Tuesday evening’s new crop of designers were very refreshing and reassuring that our home that is the fashion industry is here to stay.

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