Lauren Conrad pleads a case for trousers


They’re Sexy Too

Fashion staples and pieces alone make their own statement without having to be paired with a certain top or accessory, the little black dress is a stand alone without question, a catsuit has no words, skinny jeans speak volumes, and tops don’t need any assistance, but trousers have gotten a bad rap about being none of the above, just boring bottoms or pants associated with work or only benefit people with long legs, Lauren Conrad changes all that today being the lawyer that trousers need in 3 sexy looks.

Lauren relies on her own trusted LC Lauren Conrad trousers with help from Madison at Minimal Major to put together these looks starting with both trouser and button up top having a knotted tie associated with it, you can also add a fun statement heel with lots of layered gold jewelry onto this fun look rather it being something corporate.

The next look goes for a rocker type of feel since a rocking t-shirt is added to these luscious trousers, it’s technically a black graphic tee representing something of Pink Floyd or The Rolling Stones that go with burnt pink trousers, the look also attends on a white graphic tee thats paired beautifully with black trousers with floral prints up and down.

Now before you think corporate pantsuit with this final look, vaporize that from your mind now to focus on the monochromatic scheme going on here for this retro girl boss feel, you have monochrome blazers and trousers paired with sharp cat eye sunglasses and a skinny leopard belt with a trendy mini crossbody which throws away to stuffiness for blazing street style.

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