Lauren Conrad stresses the positive in The Edit


Rise No Matter What

There’s no doubt that our country needs all kinds of reinforcement concerning optimism and new ideas right now and forever so our very shores can thrive at their fullest potential, and keep marching on no matter what adversity comes its way, putting our ingenuity to work as we figure out complex problems or situations arising in the short term and long term, today is no different as Lauren Conrad puts positivity to work in The Edit.

Lauren gets started with a quote from @stylishcreativebranding being “Never Forget How Wild Capable You Are” as a reminder to one self when life gets tough or stressful that one is strong all through out, it comes out of nowhere the amazing things the you can do if something hard and fast is thrown at you, perseverance and resilience are a mitigating factor to one’s drive to go forward.

Lauren next turns her positive attention to something Lauren’s good at, it’s fashion in animal prints found on shoes that are ASOS New Look Block Heeled Sandal which go perfect with a monochromatic outfit, casual jeans, or a little black dress.

The focal point of The Edit this week is “Guess Who”, a very classic mystery face game that some reading this may or may not remember, but it’s in a new creative and downloadable form of a DIY Wes Anderson Guess Who Board Game by Lovely Indeed.

The Edit today also has new wooden picture frames from West Elm Edge, The Immigrant Cookbook from The Little Market, Kristin Ess 3-in-1 Flat Iron, H&M Jersey Jacket in Binge/ Houndstooth, Sara & Hero Bank Heist on “America’s Got Talent”, LC Lauren Conrad Compote Women’s Mules, and “Barbed Wire Heart” by Tess Sharpe which all feature great moments of reinforcements to get us through the day at least.

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