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Reach For The Spring

We are certainly glad that this week is just about over, because tomorrow, we’re going to have a day that’s in the upper 40’s here in New York City and in Washington, D.C., that means no more bitter cold as you step outside, and it gets even better as it stays in the upper 40’s and then in the 50’s beyond tomorrow, and make sure you spring ahead tomorrow night as you set your clocks one hour ahead, and get ready for daylight savings time, the beginning of an extra hour of sunlight in the evening, Spring is already on Lauren Conrad’s mind today as The Edit prepares for Spring’s arrival.

Lauren gets in touch with the Irish side she never knew she had, preparing for Saint Patrick’s Day by gathering some lucky charms, but it’s not four leaf clovers Lauren stumbles upon, it’s Lucky Charms Candy Bark via Best Friends for Frosting that Lauren’s doing Irish dancing over, the one of many iconic cereals we all loved eating as a child.

Good oils like olive oil and coconut oil are good for you, but it’s any oil that’s deep frying foods people are now more concerned about, so Lauren is getting on the oil-free frying revolution by doing what millions have done over and over again, Lauren has bought herself a Philips Viva Turbo Star Airfryer, where Lauren has air fried sweet potatoes and Brussels Sprouts, and Lauren loves how fast the air fryer cooks.

Lauren has always been a fan of beautiful wallpaper, whether its florals, baby showers, or bathroom decoration, so Lauren was amazed when she came across Meet Miss Marjorie: Airstream Tour via Bonnie Christine, gorgeous wallpaper of big flowers, tiny daisies, and long green stems snaking up the wallpaper.

The Edit today also has brass candles from The Little Market, oil control makeup from Urban Decay, Emily McDowell Journal, McGee & Co. Elodie Chair, Miniature Modern Party House DIY by Op Art, June & January Kids Clothing, and LC Lauren Conrad Graphic Tee Oopsie Daisy.

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