Whitney Port: I Never Went To Paris on ‘The Hills’

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It’s True….. That It’s Not True

It’s finally been declassified, it’s something we were all expecting, or not, but as of this past Wednesday, Whitney Port, and the biggest sponsor of “The Hills”, who was Vogue (or Teen Vogue as we knew it back then), revealed that Whitney Port going to Paris at the end of season one instead of Lauren Conrad, who stayed behind because of her then-boyfriend, Jason Wahler, was not real, the whole thing was made up, it’s admitted too that such a program at Teen Vogue like a summer internship of its kind did not even exist.

For Whitney, and the parties involved such as Lisa Love, who was the West Coast Editor over at Teen Vogue, it ended up just being a little scene over at LAX (Los Angeles International Airport) where it beautifully showed the seemingly impatient Miss Love appearing to be waiting for Lauren to meet up with her so they can board their flight to Paris together, but as Lauren left the pad that she and Heidi Montag shared for the summer, we shockingly see Whitney meet up with Lisa at the airport where the two proceed into LAX from there, while we see Lauren and Jason over at his beach house ponder on looking over the ocean as they hope for, and dream of a blissful summer together.

Now in the midst of this time capsule that was 2006, where “The Devil Wears Prada” was hot out of the box office, and MTV as always did whatever to capitalize off pop culture like with “Laguna Beach” thanks to “The O.C.”, and “American Idol” was still a thorn on our side before YouTube diluted their reason for being, the good people who were the writers and producers of MTV’s “The Hills”, came up with this brilliant plot to offer Lauren a summer internship to Paris after working hard all year long over at Teen Vogue, but there was one dilemma Lauren had to solve, Paris, or spend the summer with Jason, and we know what the answer to that was.

All in all, Whitney happily calls this moment where she and Lisa Love head off the Paris ridiculous, it wasn’t an ideal situation, but Whitney got dressed up for it anyway, seeing it as a opportunity to show the world how serious she was about fashion, so Whitney got determined about doing this little scene where she had the best of both worlds, one was getting the world thinking that she went to Paris for the summer when Whitney didn’t, and two, Whitney got to go home after the scene was done.

Though Summer in Paris wasn’t real on “The Hills”, what was very real were the hundreds of applications flooding into the Teen Vogue offices every day at the end of the first season of “The Hills”, as Lisa Love, and then editor-in-chief, Amy Astley, swear by, the drive of every young millennial in college at the time of not only wanting to work side by side with Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port, but not be branded as the one who didn’t go to Paris.

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