‘The Hills’, it wasn’t real, but who cares?????

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When sitting on the bus last Wednesday heading for yet another trip to New York City from Washington, D.C. (only this time about blog business, sketch comedy auditions, and dance classes sans fashion), yours truly who is Daniel plus Lauren came across Lisa Love confessing to Vogue that it was not her who coined the term “Lauren will always be known as the girl who didn’t go to Paris”, it was Vogue Editor in Chief and Condé Nast Creative Director, Anna Wintour, who was the true originator of that line asking Lisa “what happened to the girl who didn’t go to Paris?”, so Lisa and writers of “The Hills” ran with it anyway, and it created an acre of diamonds for pop culture to draw on, by the end of my New York trip on Friday, and the next day here in Tyson’s Corner at the Apple Store, an observation of mine was confirmed once and for all, the plot about a summer internship in Paris was not real, and Whitney Port confirmed it.

As yours truly came up with this observation a good 7 or 8 years ago after hearing stories of “The Hills” being meta-scripted, and reported it 3 days after the fact on Saturday based on Whitney’s confession, the thing about a summer in Paris concerning Lauren and Whitney was the only thing that came to mind, questioning whether the situation of Lauren choosing then boyfriend, Jason Wahler, instead of a delightful summer in the city of lights with a leg up in fashion was even a real thing.

Though, virtually everyone else involved on “The Hills” have made confessions about major or minor situations not being real, Lauren Conrad has not been one as of this very moment to draft out a total confession about the unrealistic aspects of “The Hills”, though yours truly being Daniel plus Lauren believes that there wouldn’t have been a second season or more of “The Hills” if it wasn’t for the plot of summer in Paris.

Yours truly who writes this piece says that because without conflict, drama, or love on television, then you have no eyeballs or people watching, without eyeballs, you have no ratings, without ratings, you have no ad revenue (money) from sponsors and advertisers, and without ad revenue, “The Hills” would’ve been cancelled after season one.

Take yourself back to August 2006, you see a promo for season finale of the first season of “The Hills”, it teases how Lauren’s been offered by Teen Vogue to spend the summer in Paris, it also shows Lauren trying to be persuaded by Jason to spend the summer with him, so Lauren’s left in conflict, and it leaves us agonizing, and begging that Lauren chooses Paris over Jason, we were sadly disappointed obviously, and left stunned till Lauren finally went to Paris in early December 2007.

In spite of the emotional suffering we were left to deal with, whether Lauren went to Paris or not, it’s certainly a good feeling for yours truly that is Daniel plus Lauren that this whole Paris thing was just a plot line, not a real situation, that’s why they can say without a doubt that “The Hills” is still one of the best shows on television, re-commit yourself to watch at least the first 3 and a half seasons, if you somehow go beyond the trip to Paris that actually did happen for both Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port, just remember that it was those crafted moments after Paris that caused “The Hills” 5 million viewers to shrink dearly, that moment where the world shifted their love for Lauren Conrad, and then gave it all to Kim Kardashian because of it.

And if there’s one take away you get from “The Hills”, let it be this, go out, and pursue a career in fashion, or any passion you may have, don’t hold back, do it to your heart’s desire.

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