The 3 trends of spring flower arrangements by Lauren Conrad


We Can Just Feel It

There’s a sign of hope that spring’s just around the corner, the temperature finally reached into the lower to mid 60’s on Sunday, where we didn’t need our heavy layers if we could help it, but a chill still exist in the air so we’re not ready for tank top season just yet, but it’s never too late to plan out your flower arrangements like Lauren Conrad does in a trifecta today, but one never knew that flowers of a certain type are trendy just like fashion is.

Luckily, Lauren keeps the breakdown of the 3 flower trends in a simple matter, with LC Lauren Conrad and her new vases to help along the way, Lauren begins the catwalk of flowers with monochromatic blooms focusing on one primary color such as blush extending way beyond the flower itself, but reaching onto walls, tables, vases, and other items matching the mono theme of color, pop of color is definitely encouraged in the grand scheme of things.

Cheese that isn’t cheese, it’s imitation cheese wrapped in plastic slices, flowers that aren’t fake and don’t die, one would think prom or a forever residence on the yearbook, but Lauren sees it as a perfect companion with eucalyptus branches and the right LC vase to go with it, and it looks good staying around forever in whatever arrangement comes next.

Sometimes it’s just easy to be green, just so as long as solo greenery is placed in LC bud vases to complement the pastel colors assigned to each vase.

Daniel Quintanilla


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