Equinox Hotels prepares for launch at 35 Hudson Yards

Courtesy: Equinox Hotels

Luxury Is Not What It Seems

Equinox Hotels have one mission in mind, it’s not only to redefine luxury, but to morph on Equinox’s philosophy of “Fitness As Life” into its first hotel which will open at Hudson Yards here in New York City, seeing luxury as a seamless extension of a life well-lived with a travel experience no one has ever even imagined, “For Those Who Want It All” as Equinox Hotels defines it, Equinox Hotels made it official on March 27 as it announced that it would open its first of 6 hotels in June, as well as launching its Kline booking platform, and Los Angeles, Santa Clara, Chicago, Seattle, and Houston being future destinations for Equinox Hotels over the next 3 years.

Equinox Hotels will take each detail curated to empower guests with tools that simplify the complex interplay between work, rest, decadence, and discipline that connects the 360 degree travel experience, which includes rooms designed to make sleep mandatory, fitness fueled by the world’s top talent, and culinary offerings that feed every need, what Equinox Hotels proudly lacks is a place for one to compromise, it’s a place for one to achieve their maximum potential with other like-minded people, and for one to rest and play as hard as one trains and works.

Such amenities include all access to Equinox Gym on site, complementary personal training, E by Equinox, unlimited fitness classes, spa, 25 yard indoor salt water pool, and access to Soul Cycle so you have that maximum opportunity to make a better you, restaurant, large outdoor terrace, room service, and food options that continue on with your maximization to go hand and hand with the 27/7 holistic wellness experience one has come to know with Equinox.

Views overlooking Manhattan and the Hudson River are not the only reason Equinox Hotels chose Hudson Yards, Hudson Yards was chosen because it’s emblematic of the future of New York City, poised to be the epicenter of culture, arts, and culinary for high performers across the globe for visitors and locals alike.

Equinox Hotels will include 212 rooms that includes 48 suites, the Equinox Fitness Club and Spa designed by Joyce Wang, inter spaces designed by David Rockwell of the Rockwell Group, exterior spaces by Ken Smith Workshop and Rockwell Group, and building design by David Childs/ SOM, all in its own private plaza at 35 Hudson Yards where luxury finds itself getting younger in its outlook and experience, as well as the launch of Equinox Hotels representing a true inflection point in the larger cultural conversation and the dawn of a new era in luxury travel.

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