Ciara wore Harry Kotlar diamond earrings to the Sports Humanitarian Awards

Courtesy: D’Orazio & Associates

The Goodies Of Doing Good

Ciara wore Harry Kotlar diamond earrings to the Sports Humanitarian Awards on Tuesday evening in Los Angeles, California.

Helen’s brother Aria sends small diamonds from his small diamond cutting factory in Israel. Harry sells these stones in the Los Angeles diamond district.

He eventually leaves the clothing company to focuson selling cut stones.

Harry supplies diamonds to manufacturers and dealers, closing each deal with the same personalized service and charm he showed while working for the textile company.

The market responds favorably to Harry’s products and exceptional service. Clients feel confident in his wares, and this leads to orders for larger stones.

Harry graciously entertains their requests and starts supplying .30 to .50 carat stones this year.

Demand later grows for even larger stones. While other suppliers exist in the market, many buyers specifically seek out Harry Kotlar.

To meet this demand, he starts selling 1 to 2 carat stones.

With greater sales and better relationships with customers, business continues to prosper.

Members of the Kotlar clan joined the company.

Basha Kotlar Wiener and Louis Wiener shared Harry Kotlar’s dedication to customer relations, and are instrumental to maintaining the company’s steady growth.

The Kotlar business flourishes even further.

Harry begins to secure his legacy of creating luxury through impeccable service and attention to every facet.

The company launches a host of innovative services, including the Concierge, Passport, and Kotlar Luxury Experience.

These continue the philosophy of personalized luxury established by Harry over six decades ago.

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