Lauren Conrad recruits Valorie Darling for photography posing advice

Courtesy: Valorie Darling

Always Look Your Best

The best thing about our iPhone cameras is that we can always take the worst moment in our lives and turn it into the best thing ever to hit our social space, with at least a thousand likes, and plenty of filters to glorify the experience, but there’s always some room to take it a step further, and it’s not adding more filters and wide angles to our iPhone this time around, this is about calling on a professional photographer to get those once in a lifetime moments to keep forever, which is why today is the day that Lauren Conrad brings in Valorie Darling who happens to not only be Lauren’s friend, but someone who can give you tips on professional picture posing.

With all that Valorie Darling has to offer in her services, and all the great wealth of information coming from “Asking For A Friend” on Wednesday, Valorie’s first piece of advice is investing in professional hair and makeup so not only do you have your best look, but the most elevated look of yourself, be color conscious by going with lighter colors that complement your tones, you have the option of turning on your good side, coordinate outfits without completely matching, and have some helpers on hand when doing a family portrait.

What’s extremely helpful is getting in as close as possible for any ole shot you do and not feel like you’re on the sidelines, try finding space in organic ways, create angles and dimensions with your hands and feet as much as possible, and be confident in finding as many photo opportunities as possible.

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