Lauren Conrad takes first-born Liam to pumpkin patch

Courtesy: Lauren Conrad Instagram

Smells Like Harvest

Can you feel it? Can you really feel it? The haze of Halloween is creeping up on us more and more each day as the day fast approaches in 12 days from now, which the spirit of Halloween begins next Saturday with big parties across the country, especially in New York City, and the makeup artists always keeping busy, creating identities other than ourselves, Lauren Conrad took a special moment today to spend time with first-born, Liam James Tell, to go on a little field trip in search of the great pumpkin, sans Charlie Brown.

There’s Lauren’s precious pride and joy, son number one, Liam, smiling at the pumpkin that Liam stares down at right in the pumpkin patch, fresh from the earth, un-carved and ripe to harvest itself in the fall, and ready to join Liam, Lauren, William, and recent newborn, Charlie Wolf Tell, to celebrate Halloween in the most fun and exciting way.

Daniel Quintanilla

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