Lauren Conrad celebrates 10 years of LC Lauren Conrad

Courtesy: Kohl’s via People

A Decade Of Design

Lauren Conrad is celebrating something special this year, especially now since fall has arrived, Lauren is crowning the 10th anniversary that Lauren partnered with Kohl’s to conceive the LC Lauren Conrad collection, which just started out as apparel before evolving into a lifestyle brand, and stood true to the seasonal release calendar like all designers follow, but now it’s a release every month for LC Kohl’s as Lauren got the party started today telling People about the history and the evolution of LC Lauren Conrad.

Lauren pays duly noted kudos and respect to Kohl’s who mirrored Lauren’s life milestones, like when Lauren married husband, William Tell, in 2014 with a bridesmaid line, or when Lauren gave birth to Liam James Tell in July 2017 with a maternity line, Lauren says Kohl’s has been the forefront of encouraging Lauren to talk about and design her life experiences through LC Lauren Conrad, and Lauren will continue to make that a priority with her line.

Lauren and her LC Lauren Conrad Kohl’s team are releasing a special 10th anniversary collection in November and December because for Lauren, 10 years is a big deal, and Lauren reassured her audience today about the 10th anniversary line, while thanking them for all their love and support.

While Lauren’s special November and December pieces will have all the fixings that LC Lauren Conrad has evolved to, Lauren too told People that one month will be all about pink while the next month is all about blue, making strong statements all around, it’s all about meeting challenges and exploring like with the LC Runway collection back in fall 2015, listening to the customer, being inspired by life and social media, and changing with the fashion industry in terms of seeing new collection from other designers, navigating yourself through the upheaval that’s been taking place so far.

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