Kristin Cavallari’s workout under #quarantine by Rise Movement @KristinCav @uncommonjames @growwire #COVID19 #coronavirus

Lockdown Sweat

Kristin Cavallari is not letting stay-at-home orders caused by COVID19 keep her down on the couch, Kristin today posted a workout she was doing with BFF, Justin Anderson, thanks to the @risemovement, doing all kinds of jumping, arms, push-ups, and so on to stay in tip top shape while staying at home with the kids, and husband, Jay Cutler.

Kristin confesses that her workout will knock you to the floor, and keep you working hard as you have no choice but to stay inside in this coronavirus pandemic.

Kristin meanwhile is doing her best to stay positive, what Kristin misses out on the most is leadership meetings on Mondays with Uncommon James.

It’s also been a week since Kristin Cavallari announced that she’s temporarily closed all her Uncommon James stores for safety concerns, but the website is up and running, and can be used anytime.

Daniel Quintanilla

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