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The World Is Your Theater

It’s official, BuzzFeed announced today that Broadway has cancelled all its shows, which will go into effect at 5 p.m. EDT today in New York City, revenue losses are inevitable to say the least, Broadway must now act to consider other options during this pandemic of coronavirus, Daniel plus Lauren gave a simple solution on Wednesday about Broadway shows live-streaming with movies streaming all together in this situation, now yours truly today breaks down how this live-streaming price structure can exist for the stage.

It starts with major shows like “Hamilton”, “Dear Evan Hansen”, “Come From Away”, “Beatlejuice”, or “Hadestown”, scheduled performances go on as planned, but without the crowd, so the cameras come in to live-stream, those who have tickets already for scheduled shows now cancelled can watch these live-stream shows without charge under a special promo code that connects to their already purchased tickets.

But for those that haven’t bought tickets already to these major shows on Broadway and want to see something like “Hamilton” once and for all, they must purchase at set price amount to see live-streamed shows when it’s scheduled to perform, and must purchase each time if one wants to see the show again, or missed it the first time, plus there can be no capability to record the performance from one’s device as live-streaming takes place, Broadway revenue is too precious to lose.

There’s also the option for any given Broadway show to do one performance without going live each time, and stream it on all streaming platforms and official show platforms/ apps, as well as and, as well as cable on-demand services, but still charge a fee to see the archived performance in full, pricing in the same vein as in the live-streaming structure mentioned in the last paragraph, but one can either rent or buy these famed shows still not having capability to record for their own collection, revenue again is too important to lose.

Now with movies, all theater releases can go on as originally planned without having to delay, but go right to streaming on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Disney Plus, charging the same exact price as if you were buying a movie ticket; those that have bought movie tickets already need a special promo code linked to their proof of purchase so they don’t pay to see the movie again, and it would be in the same vein of rent or buying the movie through on-demand services, and no chance to copy the movie being bought.

The options laid on the table here for Broadway and movies to go on without losing any money at all does have the potential to be fruitful in the long-term, as well as the short-term during this coronavirus, it’s all about taking action swiftly to mitigate all losses encountered.

Daniel Quintanilla

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