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We’ll Celebrate Again Soon

In an email sent to Informa officials, subscribers, and Daniel plus Lauren, Informa announced today that due to COVID19, men’s Project originally scheduled for July 19-21, and Children’s Club August 2-4, will be moved to the Coterie women’s trade show during New York Fashion Week September 22-24, putting men, women, and children shows under one roof to take place at the same time, NY Women’s originally scheduled for August 2-4, in turn has been canceled.

While Informa’s mission is realizing the new climate we’re living in because of lockdowns and economic downturns from COVID19, and the New York Men’s Fashion Market having more of a presence during the traditional New York Fashion Week in the fall with Women’s, the Javits Center, which is the home of Informa shows, is now a COVID19 only hospital for patients who have tested positive for the disease.

Big news also with men’s is that Liberty Fairs and Man NYC will join forces with Informa Project for the men’s part of the trade show in the fall with Children’s Club and Coterie, Liberty Fairs on Tuesday announced they’re helping select restaurants get back on their feet by feeding NYC healthcare workers on the frontlines.

Here’s the official press release from Informa Markets Fashion President, Nan Walsh, about the combination of shows….

The world we live in today is unprecedented and ever-changing, and has required adaptation and innovation from everyone in our industry and beyond.

Part of our adaptation has been ensuring we can still create marketplaces for you to grow your business and rebuild effectively and efficiently moving forward. Our top two priorities are to ensure the safety and well-being of our customers and partners when they arrive on-site at one of our shows, and to ensure that our customers, whose resources may be more limited now than ever, can get the most out of their experience at our events.

As a result of those priorities, we have made the decision to combine all of our NY marketplaces into one, in September.

That means our July Men’s show PROJECT New York, scheduled for July 19-21, and our CHILDREN’S CLUB show, scheduled for August 2-4, will move to September 22-24 alongside COTERIE. While NY WOMEN’S, also scheduled for August 2-4, is cancelled, exhibiting brands will be accommodated in the COTERIE, MODA and FAME shows in September as always. That will allow us to have a combined New York marketplace with Men’s, Women’s, Children’s, and Accessories all in one place, ensuring brands and retailers can come to a single event and make the most connections possible.

This decision is especially significant for our Men’s market, as the menswear industry has made the united decision to move all shows to September in New York, thus allowing the industry to come together in a unified way. Liberty Fairs and Man NYC are joining us in this endeavor, and we thank them for their leadership and for making this decision with us on behalf of the menswear industry.

We are hopeful that these expanded marketplaces and collaborations with our partners are allowing us to better serve you. With the Javits Center being transformed into a one-stop-shop for brands and retailers during our event, and the industry-wide decision to have September in New York be the central hub for the Fashion community this year, we are adapting as a community to meet the needs of our customers and partners.

We hope that this news provides you some comfort and enthusiasm as we continue to look for ways to best serve our community’s needs. We again thank our partners at the Liberty Fairs and Man NYC for their efforts to unify the menswear industry, and hope to see you, whether you are a brand or retailer in Men’s, Women’s, Children’s or Accessories at our show in September.

Best Regards,

Nan Walsh

President, Fashion, Informa Markets

Daniel Quintanilla

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