Broadway extends shutdown up to Labor Day due to #COVID_19 @BroadwayLeague #broadway

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Will The Show Ever Go On Again?

The streets of New York’s Time Square that are also Broadway will stay shutdown for even longer because of COVID19, by 3 months to be exact, Broadway League, which extended Broadway’s shutdown to June 7 back on April 8, announced today that Broadway will stay closed up to September 6.

Technically, Broadway League states it’s unclear when performances will resume in theaters, the Broadway League did report that theaters are now offering refunds and exchanges up until September 6, which is a backdoor way of saying Broadway will stay shut up until that time at least.

Originally, Broadway was suppose to only shutdown for 4 weeks back in March, but was extended even further once COVID19 cases dramatically increased, and stay-at-home orders were enforced.

There is some type of silver lining to this shutdown, “Hamilton, The Musical” announced today that it’s releasing its theater performance on Disney Plus 15 months sooner, on the weekend of the 4th of July on July 3.

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