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Courtesy: Maria’s Bag by Alida Boer

Celebrate The Artisans

Maria’s Bag by Alida Boer today are introducing new hats to Maria’s beautiful collection, it’s the Pencho Hat, a collaboration with artisans in Mexico to blend the history of Latin America, hand-painted hats capturing the diversity of Latin America headdresses in each place.

Hats of the best quality from Guanajuato, Mexico and Marias come together collaborating to show the history of Latin America.

These hats are made of canvas and hand painted by Mexican artisans, who capture the diversity of Latin American headdresses in each one of their hats.

Maria’s is also honoring dad, and all the hard work, sacrifices, and commitment he makes for his family with the Father’s Day COVID19 #YOTEGUIDO kit, made with brown leather, and comes with hand sanitizer and face mask.

Daniel Quintanilla

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