Kristin Cavallari also wishes #jaycutler a #happyfathersday @KristinCav #kristincavallari

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In Jay We Love

Kristin Cavallari definitely made sure today that Jay Cutler got his Father’s Day kudos too, albeit a day late and retroactive, it’s the thought that counts as Kristin said more than Happy Father’s Day to Jay.

Kristin expressed that she wanted to save the best for last with her Father’s Day greetings, praising how she and Jay had a beautiful day yesterday in Kristin’s new house, which Kristin finally confirmed after it was speculated, practicing a modern family situation and co-parenting the best way they know how.

As Kristin stresses how she does her fair share for her 3 children, Kristin also expresses that her 3 kids are lucky to have Jay as their daddy, and hope her kids get some of the heart of gold qualities that Jay possesses.

Outside of co-parenting, and finally moving into her new home after separating from Jay, Kristin was found to be wearing a face mask last Wednesday in her trip to Santa Monica, California which Kristin showed herself off wearing.

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