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Courtesy: Loulette Lingerie

Where Do You Stand?

Today, Curve New York shifted their weekly webinar series to address concerns of the black community in terms of selling and branding lingerie from the black standpoint with “Lingerie Shopping in the Era of Black Lives Matter: How to Update Your Brand or Boutique for the Time”.

The big story on top of this webinar is asking brands and retailers to make a choice about where they stand with Black Lives Matter, whether they’re for BLM or not, don’t just tag, hashtag, or post BLM because it’s now the thing, you have to decide wholeheartedly if you’re for it and dedicated to it by designating yourself or a team to BLM, otherwise don’t get involved in BLM at all.

Financiers, and even brands and retailers are not seeing the trillion dollar opportunity in marketing and creating lingerie to black people, as well as other races that generate revenue, this is a business at the end of the day, and you need to find the bottom line no matter where you find it.

Inclusion is not always an easy aspect to be achieved, because people’s mindsets are set on white people creating a lingerie line, so it takes convincing which leads to shock, then it’s up to you whether or not your black intern on black rising star deserves a chance to sit at the table, and it’s always ten times more work for the black to prove themselves.

Daniel Quintanilla

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