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Little By Little

Nick Cordero’s wife, Amanda Kloots, gave another update about his condition on Tuesday, Nick was able to move his jaw when Amanda asked him to, a first sign of regaining feeling in a common body part after medically induced coma, as well as eye movement, and being very responsive.

As today is 84 days since Nick is in the ICU, the 83rd day also revealed too that Nick is still very weak, and blood pressure is also an issue, the goal is to strengthen up Nick’s body since Nick was laid up for so long, be it was a good day otherwise.

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We’re really excited to announce some thing today that we’ve been working on since January!  It’s no secret we like to keep things positive and always smile! So it should be no surprise that we love to celebrate the things that make us happy: people, places, moments, holidays, food – everything really! We think if the thought of it makes you smile, it deserves a little celebration. HOORAY FOR is the way you can have a little party every day for something that makes you happy. (And look fabulous doing it!) This idea was born after we went to see Nick in Rock of Ages! The narrator wears shirt that says hooray for boobies in one scene, I turned to @annakloots and said “I want that shirt! She said I want hooray for glitter! And cake! And sisters! The idea was born. It took us a very long time to find the perfect vintage white T-shirt with a relaxed fit, and lightly worn-in edges, but we finally found it! It washes great, is not at all see-through and is long enough to be tucked in!  There are a million things we want to celebrate – but we’re starting with the most important things right now: life and health heroes! Half of the proceeds of these two designs will go to The World Health Organization’s COVID-19 response fund. We’ll be adding more designs soon and are working on providing international shipping! (Right now it’s only shipping in the US!) Comment below what you want the next HOORAY FOR…. to be!? 

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Amanda and her sister, Anna, have also been working on a new tee shirt where half the proceeds go to the World Health Organization’s COVID-19 Response Fund, as this pandemic is still raging on around the world, and here in the U.S.

One of the most interesting things Amanda revealed on Monday was Nick carried a $2 bill in his wallet, which Amanda now carries as a way to keep Nick close.

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