Nick Cordero continues to improve despite blood pressure and new infection #amandakloots #wakeupnick #broadway #COVID19

Courtesy: Amandakloots Instagram

The Power Of Good

Nick Cordero’s wife, Amanda Kloots, went live tonight on her Instagram story that Nick is having yet another good day, Nick’s condition continues to improve, but Nick’s blood pressure is still a cause for concern, and a new infection is in Nick’s lungs.

Nick also is more responsive to his wife Amanda as this is Nick’s 84th day in the ICU, CT Scan numbers were also good with Nick, the same as before when tested last time, plus Nick’s numbers overall continue to get better.

Amanda also let Nick know about all the get well cards he’s been getting from family, friends, and fans to say the least, and also from all parts of the world, which Nick and Amanda too tremendously appreciate.

The doctors over at Cedars Sinai Hospital out in Hollywood, California are devoting 1000 percent to Nick, and getting him better, fighting all the weakness Nick may be feeling right now since being in the ICU for so long, and now being able to move his jaw.

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