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We’re In This Together

As the COVID19 pandemic continues to impact our everyday lives from its perch, cases continue to surge, and lockdown orders could lift or be reinforced at anytime, Lauren Conrad and her editing team today created their own care packages that feed your appetite, quench your libations, and soothe your soul.

Homemade Bread with All the Fixings

Like so many others’ I’ve learned to bake sourdough bread during quarantine. I’ve delivered fresh loaves to a few friends and family members, paired with things like jams, cheese, olives, and other fixings to round out the gift. – Ilana, Managing Editor

Homemade Pot Pies

“Spending more time at home means more home cooked meals! When I make a pot pie I often triple the recipe and make a few. I love being able to drop off a meal at a friend’s home because the greatest gift of all is a night off from cooking and cleaning. – Lauren

Fresh Flowers

Lately I’ve been honing my gardening skills and have been so excited to see all of my flowers blooming! I keep any used glass jars (from pickles, pasta sauce, etc.) so that I always have a makeshift vase on hand to deliver flowers in. They’re a perfect addition to any local care package! – Jessi, Senior Editor

Wine for a Mom’s Night In

Since it will be a while before a real ‘mom’s night out’ can happen, I’ve been gifting wine totes from The Little Market to my mom friends (with a bottle of rosé!). Bonus points if it’s a bottle from Black-owned McBride Sisters Collection. – Ilana, Managing Editor

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