1.4 million more file for #unemployment, now 48 million without a #job from #COVID19 @usdol

Courtesy: Pexels

The United States Department Of Labor reported unemployment claims numbers slightly lower from last week, but still very high from a normal weekly average pre-pandemic, it’s 1,480,000 claims that were reported, and a 12-week-total of 48 million now unemployed across the United States.

There is a bit of good news concerning those receiving insured unemployment, it’s gone down below 20 million from 20,289,000 to 19,522,000 as more people go back to work thanks to some states moving to the next reopening phase.

There’s still a need for some type of job growth in the long-term, so it’s called upon the nation both in government and the people to mobilize for job growth in the physical sector at 1.5 billion jobs.

And if you’re in need of some enlightenment and cheering up, send a care package to a loved one, you’ll both feel better.

Daniel Quintanilla

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