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Looking At The Future

Charles Beckwith, founder of the American Fashion Podcast, collaborated with Elissa Bloom from the Philadelphia Fashion Incubator today in a Zoom call that’s “Beyond Reopening: The American Fashion Industry Of 2025”, a look at where the ecosystem of the fashion industry could be.

The one thing that 2025 needs to look like once COVID19’s gone is fashion technology improving greatly the production of clothing, manufacturing collections only on a needed basis, if the market, pre-orders, and customer base is there to buy it.

Moving from analog to digital production has to be the new normal in 2025, but moving production from overseas back to the United States must happen first, without also buying back our analog machine tools from those countries we sold to as we outsourced, quicker production based within a region has to be achieved, and 3-D printing must also play a pivotal role in digital conversion.

Sizing up the success of your business comes down to creating and producing collections that fit to the size of your audience which is not an ideal model size, and creating collections for natural models in the fashion industry, will all bring tremendous success, without the need of creating collections off ego, and “Project Runway” fame.

Silicon Valley has also found itself trying to change fashion without understanding fashion, but Silicon Valley now realizes it can solve the problems plaguing fashion like sizing an individual’s measurements, age, height, and sex that determine what size clothing they should buy.

Vegan fashion, fashion without the use of animals also was said to have an optimistic future in 2025, where more sustainable animal-free or even oil free sources are used to make vegan fashion, ensuring vegan fashion a sustainable, and an attractive future.

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