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Still Fighting

Nick Cordero’s wife, Amanda Kloots, gave a new update today on Nick’s 85th day in the ICU at Cedars Sinai Hospital in Hollywood, California, Nick is profoundly weak, it’s like Nick suffering the flu ten times works for months at a time than anybody else who gets over the flu in a week, and it will take a long time for Nick to recover.

Nick has also had minor blood infections that has caused blood pressure issues, but Nick has improved with his ventilator settings and chest x-rays, and Amanda has been doing passive physical therapy with Nick from his jaw because he can’t move the rest of his body yet, and Nick has responded yes or no with his eyes.

When Amanda feels defeated at times, and when doctors look at Amanda as if she was crazy, Amanda turns her defeated results into determination, putting all her energy into Nick, and telling Nick all the goals the doctors would like to achieve so Nick too can work on getting stronger.

Instead of moping around and feeling sad, Amanda relies on God for strength in Nick and herself, plus takes whatever improvements Amanda can get to put Nick on the right track.

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