Nick Cordero had a better week than others, #bloodpressure down #amandakloots #wakeupnick #broadway #COVID19

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Nick Cordero’s wife, Amanda Kloots, on this 86th day of Nick being in the ICU, said early tonight that Nick just finished having one of his better weeks since contracting COVID19, the day started out with blood pressure issues, but were brought under control, and blood pressure medicine was cut in half.

Amanda says Nick overall is doing great again after battling a few hurdles like a new lung infection which caused the blood pressure issues in the first place, and being profoundly weak from bed rest for so long.

Though, Amanda feels sad every time she leaves Nick at the hospital every night, Amanda does inspiring things everyday like playing “The Karate Kid” and song “Our House”, plus doctors predicted this past week would be a better week for Nick.

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