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What Will The Kids See?

Lauren Conrad, who’s been a big part of pop culture for the past 16 years from “Laguna Beach” to “The Hills”, also with her LC Lauren Conrad line at Kohl’s, wants to make sure her kids have someone positive to look up to, that’s what Lauren stressed Friday at the BlogHer Creator’s Summit, which Us Weekly reported on today.

Lauren says she wants her 2 sons, Liam and Charlie, to be a mother that they can look up to, the example you set, be a person your child can be proud of, someone you hope your children grow up to be.

Lauren too stresses that kids are always listening, they’re watching your actions and the way you speak to people, plus how you speak to people, kindness is part of the Lauren and husband, William Tell, household, the two figure out day-to-day, especially Lauren, how to work on herself, saying things a certain way that’s best for their children to take away.

Lauren also strives to be a good example when it comes to COVID19, Lauren and her gang today not only wear face masks to stop the spread of COVID19, but find stylish face masks for adults and children.

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