Kristin Cavallari back in front of the camera in #sexy one-piece #swimsuit @UncommonJames @KristinCavallari #uncommonjames #kristincavallari

Courtesy: KristinCavallari Instagram

Rock It Hard

Kristin Cavallari is back where she belongs, front and center in the electric eye that is the media, where today Kristin is in a semi-one-piece swimsuit.

The video starts out with an established shot of Kristin, showing off the most scandalous swimwear Kristin’s worn in recent memory, then we get up close to the best feature that is Kristin’s face, as well as hair, and a smile we all fall in love with.

It could not be a better time for Kristin to be in front of the camera once again since Kristin finally moved into her new house after Kristin and soon-to-be-ex, Jay Cutler, have called a temporary truce in their divorce proceedings.

Kristin also took time on Monday to check in and see how everybody’s Monday was going so far, as well as declare how she’s missed all of us in these crazy times.

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