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The World Of Engagement

Curve New York in their weekly webinar today addressed selling your business digitally and stressing upon creativity in a webinar titled “Digital Marketing 101, Creative Storytelling Strategies and Tactics”.

Social Media and even your website in these pandemic and civil unrest times we’re living in are key for you to engage your audience, simply with your posts appealing to your customer base, as well as bringing in new customers to buy your products.

Creativity with images, words, hashtags, and tag lines immediately give your product attention, it starts by being organic as you build a great post to build your brand, then you can pay for marketing by boosting your posts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and such.

There’s a big rule when you post, don’t post for the sake of posting or what’s going on in the world unless you stand by the cause, or have to stress how COVID19 is affecting your business, you don’t have to post every single day to stay engaged because overload sets in on your customers, and on you, and try not to date your content according to the news and trends of the day.

This is why evergreen content is so important, because you can refer back to it anytime, and it’s not outdated, and it’s okay to go a day or two without posting since posts themselves can be a lot of work, and don’t post if there’s civil unrest or trying times going on as it makes you look tone deaf, only post then if you have resources to provide on the matter, or are taking a true stance.

And with any posts you have on any realm, especially if you’ve got a retail and brand website, hire someone professionally to work on your SEO’s (Search Engine Optimization), because time and time again, SEO specialists help boost your sales and traffic to your site, equaling to more sales, traffic, and profits.

It’s very important you stress to your audience why your swimwear and lingerie collections excite you, let your audience in on why swimwear and lingerie empowers you, and make you feel sexy.

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