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A Conscious Effort

Lauren Conrad and co-founder, Hannah Skvarla, went into more detail about their work with The Little Market at the BlogHer 2020 Creator’s Summit done virtually this year due to COVID19, and how The Little Market leads the way in a pandemic.

Due to the pandemic, things are looking different for The Little Market.

Artisan groups that carry products to The Little Market cannot find materials due to the lockdown in locations such as India and Bangladesh.

After numerous canceled orders, groups are reaching out to The Little Market to sell their inventory.

While the situation does look unsettling for the time being, Hannah and Lauren expressed hope for the future of conscious consumerism and mindful purchasing.

Since the pandemic, people have become aware of where and who their money is going to.

People want their money to help others and benefit a good cause.

Hannah and Lauren are excited about customer conscious spending and want to continue to share issues of social justice and human rights with their audience.

Lauren also on Monday told Us Weekly that she strives to be a parent, and a person that her kids can look up to, and hope they turn out to me one day.

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