Andrew Lloyd Webber @OfficialALW makes @LondonPalladium #COVID19 safe to save #westend #broadway

Courtesy: London Palladium

The Show Can Go On

Andrew Lloyd Webber revealed to Variety today that he’s invested in $300,000 worth of equipment right from Korea to proof the London Palladium Theatre from COVID19, without social distancing, and filling venue to full capacity.

The famed, loved, and respected Webber has spent his money wisely on thermal imaging cameras that survey the audience, self-cleaning door handles, contactless thermometers, and disinfecting fogging machines, allowing audiences to fill every seat, and the air to be better inside than it is outside.

Ultimately, the goal is to get both Broadway and West End up and running again as soon as possible, as both stages on both shores have extended their lockdowns further into next year, and productions like “Six” in the U.K. plan to perform outdoors.

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