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Tubing from the television set, tubing from your phone, we’ve done a lot more tubing recently as we’re still hunkered down at home, Lauren Conrad today brings a delightful list of TV shows and movies you’ve been watching already, but have gone underrated and are more powerful and entertaining than you think, here’s a few to note.

The Repair Shop

For all the antiquities lovers out there, The Repair Shop is an addicting watch that follows expert artisans who restore heirlooms and delve into their rich histories.

Gardener’s World

Need something soothing? Try watching Gardener’s World. TV show host Monty gets into the nitty gritty of everything gardening, and we can’t get enough of how relaxing it must be to tend to flowers in the English countryside. Consider us hooked.


Dollface should be your next watch if you love a show that centers on the importance of female friendships and the bonds you share with your closest girlfriends. The show centers on Jules, who after breaking up with her ex, rekindles her estranged relationship with her old friends.

High Fidelity

Music and vinyl lovers beware: you’ll be obsessed with this show’s soundtrack long after it’s over. A remake of the 2000 movie, High Fidelity follows Rob, a forlorn record store owner that recounts all of her past loves, with the help of a little vinyl, to try and figure out what went wrong.

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