Curve New York addresses sourcing and sustainability @curvexpo #lingerie #intimates #COVID19

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Surviving The Environment

Curve New York with its weekly webinar today dug deeper into creating earth-friendly lingerie and intimate apparel, where it all comes down to “Sourcing And Sustainability: Redefining Values” guided by Tencel.

Since COVID19 and it’s new normalcy have eclipsed the normal we once knew, it’s stressed more than ever to manufacture intimates that are made from reusable materials from the earth, being where sourcing plays in, and as well as sustainable where less waste is produced, easily recycled after a long period of use to make new products in this friendly nature.

Younger generations like millennials and Generation Z who are in this COVID19 ordeal with who they are, who they once were, what they’re missing out on, and who they want to be now are paying more attention to what they buy, where it’s from, and how it’s made, what goes into an intimate top to bottom.

Now that the linear experience of shopping has been temporarily shuttered, non-linear shopping that’s been circulating for the past few months is even more important, even when states can reopen entirely again without COVID19 surges, with the exception of China, people are still afraid to go out, so they shop online instead, and caution is put on our economy, with the threat of more people out of work, and unable to go out and shop physically which people love, and very few options for those who are open, and actually open on a limited model.

Since online demand is way up to say the least, the speed to produce sustainable intimates from earth sources is now more important, with lines needing to be produced more quickly and efficiently, and more domestically for brands and retailers to have access to their items quicker.

With comfort intimates still seeing high demand for all those staying at home, sexier intimates and lingerie have recently seen a surge too, because married couples, significant others, friends, and partners are spending more quality time at home, with each other.

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