1.3 million more on #unemployment thanks to #COVID19, 52 million now #jobless

Courtesy: Pexels

The United States Department Of Labor today reported another 1,300,000 that filed for unemployment, though 10,000 than the week before, it is now 14 weeks since the jobless numbers have been high, and 52 million have reported.

There’s good news at least on the insured unemployment fronts, those on it has dropped even more from the 20 million high just a month ago, only 17,760,000 received were on unemployment insurance since businesses have reopened, but could close with continued COVID19 case surges.

Sustainability and sourcing of our economy continue to come in question, but there’s no real sign of how long we’ll live virtually, as states are no where near resuming a physical normalcy without COVID19 in the way.

Daniel Quintanilla

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