Nick Cordero’s wife #amandakloots defines the meaning of a #gecko #ripnickcordero #nickcordero #broadway #COVID19 @TheGEICOGecko

Courtesy: Amandakloots Instagram

Amanda Kloots, the widow of the late Nick Cordero, expanded today on the Geico Gecko coincidence by defining what a gecko is, the spiritual power it has on an individual, especially Nick.

A gecko represents incredible healing and cleansing due to its regenerative powers, the appearance of a gecko in your life means you are strong, fearless, and can overcome anything.

Amanda certainly thought it was a coincidence when she saw the Geico Gecko appear on the back of the issue of People magazine that Nick was on the front page cover on, because Nick had the Geico Gecko on his vision board with RuPaul.

Daniel Quintanilla

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