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How Do You Attack?

All of the fashion and retail industry has seen insurmountable events like COVID19 press the pause button to say the least on the life and survival of the business as a whole, uncertainty is the only thing that’s certain with this virus, pivoting fashion in directions never dreamed, and facing the inevitable before anyone’s ready, that’s why there’s Scaling Retail x Liberty Fairs: Real Time Retail Series 3: The New In-Store Experience to reveal the unnerving realities business owners and designers are facing.

It’s one thing for a brand or retailer to pivot from in-store to digital, then back to sort of an in-store experience, but it’s another thing to take action, with men’s formal and street wear apparel not getting bought off the shelves because there’s nowhere to go but a Zoom call, all ends are figuring out what casual/ comfort pieces to push that’s sexy enough for Zoom while delivering pieces to those brave souls who choose to come into the store, a means to hold onto market share and keep the lights on.

Even though it’s August, and now when you see the fall collections, it’s March 11 mentally when COVID19 was declared a pandemic, and lockdown backed up, cancelled, shutdown, closed, put out of business, and delayed orders for brands and retailers while dashing hopes for upstarts, it’s about seeing what pieces work during this new normal, holding off seasons till a later time or next year, and getting a jumpstart on seasons to try and regain ground.

When it comes to pivoting to a new normal and amping up your digital footprint, it takes a quick action plan of seeing where you’re customer base is at, like what they’re buying in lockdown, dealing with them on a one on one basis, reaching out to your buying community, assembling a new skill set with your employees, and contacting your merchants about the situation and hoping they understand your plan for survival.

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