Amanda Kloots recovers Nick Cordero’s ashes #ripnickcordero #amandakloots #lifeyourlife #broadway #COVID19

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Shortly after moving into her new house on Saturday, Amanda Kloots gave an update how she’s doing more than a month after her husband, Nick Cordero, died of COVID19, Amanda reveals she now has Nick’s remains, his ashes as Nick apparently was cremated, it was surreal for Amanda.

Though physically Nick is gone, Amanda feels like she has something close to physical that Amanda can hold in her possession to keep Nick in her heart, and in the house that she and Nick had built, and just moved into, which Amanda loaded the last boxes also, ending what was a difficult move.

Even if Amanda is still in a fog from losing Nick, Amanda’s family and friends have helped Amanda deal with her grief in the best way possible, trying new things not connected to the loved one you lost tremendously helps, and just letting someone know you’re there for them in talk and even text when they lost a loved one help them deal with grief better.

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