Amanda Kloots settles into new #house she & #nickcordero had built #amandakloots #COVID19 #liveyourlife #broadway

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Home, Sweet Home

Today was the first full day that Amanda Kloots, and son, Elvis, of the late Nick Cordero, spent in their newly-built home, a home originally built for Nick, Amanda, and Elvis, all the love, life, and spirit of Nick was alive and well in those living there, and helping Amanda unpack.

It was a day where one-year-old Elvis got to test drive his dad’s swagger with stars and sunglasses, hang up meaningful fixtures for Elvis’s nursery like a little lamb cross with The Lord Is My Shepherd, books and giraffe portraits, and Amanda’s brother-in-law hanging a portrait of the family that Nick blossomed.

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This kid. 💙 He’s got his dads swagger.

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Along with moving in on Saturday, it was the day that Amanda was given the ashes of her late husband, where the moment was extremely hard, and surreal to say the least.

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