Equinox to reopen up soon in #NewYorkCity after green light by @NYGovCuomo @equinox #equinox #itsnotfitnessitslife #newyorkstrong

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Now It’s New York

Equinox announced first thing early tonight that they’re New York City locations will be reopening up soon after New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced today in a tweet that gyms in the state of New York can reopen in the next week or 2.

Governor Cuomo says gyms in New York State can reopen as soon as August 24, at 33 percent capacity with mandatory mask wearing and other health restrictions, HVAC systems must meet guidelines, and localities must inspect every gym before it opens or within 2 weeks of reopening, and localities must enforce guidelines.

Equinox, being the luxury high-end second-to-none gym that it is, has a long list of guidelines it’s first must follow, as well as an explanation of the medical hospital grade standard cleaning it follows while we’re still in this COVID19 pandemic.

Equinox originally closed its gyms back on March 16 in New York and other locations across the country just 5 days after the Coronavirus was declared a pandemic.

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