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Tackling Loss

You go through a season where the last thing you want to do is even wake up, get out of bed, or march one step forward, the grieving process after someone close to you dies doesn’t come easy, things you’ve done with the loved one are impossible to even face or try to face, but lots say it’s best to try something new not attached to lost loved one, that’s what Amanda Kloots does today as she grieves over Nick Cordero dying, taking tennis lessons.

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Starting something brand new, for me, with no ties to my past life was advice I got from my best friend to help with my grieving process. I am so glad I took this advice because I took up a new sport and am loving playing tennis! It is an hour for myself where I get out of the house, focus on something else, move my body, work hard, laugh, learn and listen. Tennis is a sport I’ve always wanted to play and have always made excuses starting. ⠀ “I’m too busy.” “I don’t know how to start.” “Do I have to buy new things? Where do I even go get them?” “What if I’m bad?” “How do I find a coach?” ⠀ Well, I stopped making excuses and dove right in. Once I made the ACTIVE choice to start, all my dumb excuses were solved in about ten minutes. Holding myself back was harder than actually just doing it!! Lesson learned. ⠀ What have you always wanted to do but are holding yourself back from? Take my advice and just do it! And if you are grieving I highly suggest starting something new for yourself. It has really helped me. Thanks to my bestie for the advice @kristasaab and my tennis buddy @jaceyduprie 🎾

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At the end of the day, Amanda is certainly glad she took up her friends advice about taking up something new because tennis is also something Amanda’s wanted to get out for quite sometime, but was always too busy with other priorities to do tennis.

As Amanda tries new things to help her along the grieving process, the spirit, music, and the singing of Nick stay alive with Amanda as she can listen to clips of Nick doing one of the many things he loved best, performing.

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