Amanda Kloots @rockettes friends help her adjust to new home without #nickcordero #amandakloots #rockettes #COVID19 #liveyourlife

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High Kick BFF’s

As Amanda Kloots adjust to live without her late husband, Nick Cordero, in the home they had built, Amanda relied on her ole friends from The Rockettes to help get Amanda and her son, Elvis, feel comfortable over this past weekend, which Amanda posted today.

Amanda could not feel blessed enough to have a few close friends at least to rely on in her time of grieving, people that she can talk, laugh, and cry with, especially friends who drop everything to help out Amanda on her first weekend alone in her new home.

While Amanda adjust to living life on her own and being a single mom to Elvis, one of Amanda’s way to cope with the loss of Nick is taking up tennis, a sport completely new and not connected to those who’ve passed on, it’s all apart of the grieving process.

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