Curve New York holds ‘Interfiliere Talks’ to widen #lingerie #intimates #beachwear horizons @curvexpo @INTERFILIERE

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Redefining Underwear

Curve New York’s Interfiliere Talks with Jos Berry today addresses intimate apparel no longer at a crossroads, but how COVID19 forcing intimates to change to endure their survival and more, to take a look at “Widening Horizons” to keep customer bases buying, and attracting new consumers.

Since COVID19 travel restitutions are in place, and COVID19 cases are still at all time highs, it’s no way possible to hold an Interfiliere trade show this September, plus there’s too much risk involved while it would be an expensive effort to keep participants safe, and the fact that most brands cannot afford to travel since their revenues have dropped due to stores still closed, and shopping online only.

Most of us need a compelling reason to go to a trade show at this point if you’re not a big brand with means to do so, or are not rich enough to travel to a trade show, or even pre and post pandemic, since the intimates industry is in dire need of new ideas to adjust to what customer bases want in a bra, panty, swimsuit, leggings, and sleepwear.

Comfort is not exactly the elephant in the room with most brands, but it’s clinging to wire bras, constrictions, and not manufacturing above a size 6 is the big elephant for intimate makers, they need to try out new fabrics and technologies to make something as simple not a scary item to buy, an alternative to being commando up top.

New ideas for comfort are being tried out now, with early degrees of success in sales and comfort, it’s still a work in progress, minor issues need to be addressed like skin sensitivity, or where the sourcing of new comfort intimates are found.

Also coming to terms with ceasing to produce seasonal collections because of COVID19 slowing life down, the solution for all levels of intimates from brands to sources are season-less collections, eliminating deadlines and restoring quality of collections.

The revelations in the intimates, lingerie, active, beachwear, and sleep is the customer base no longer wants to be fast-paced with what they buy, they’re looking for quality and comfort while being sexy at all sizes, plus a grass roots movement starting now and for the future to wear your breast as natural, not enhanced.

And lingerie must keep this grim fact in mind, Nike and Lululemon, who make activewear, not bra or panties, sell more bras combined than every lingerie specific brand that’s out there now.

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