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Bra Networking

Curve Connect today held a webinar that helps your lingerie business be more connected to social media in a very big way titled “Boobs, Bras, and Building Your Business using Social Media”, when traditional advertising and physical bra-fittings are still not an option in the on-going COVID19 pandemic.

Many businesses, including bra and lingerie retails had to shutdown more than a year ago once COVID19 was declared a worldwide pandemic, so after some odd weeks closed, bra retailers reopened their businesses pivoting to virtual, reaching out to their customers through social media on places like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and even Tik-Tok to for bra fittings, product features, educational pieces, and raising awareness for breast cancer survivors and young girls wearing their first bra.

Social media is definitely a place where product education, live bra fittings one-on-one with your customers who demand lots of attention to detail for the bra they’re buying, sending out bras to try on, plus catering each of your social media platforms for specific offers and opportunities have proven to be great vehicles to rescue your bra business from the brink of the COVID19 pandemic, to experiencing skyrocketing profits thanks to more people being stuck at home and using social media a lot more while Zooming in for work.

While all bra sales have gone to comfort bras like sports bras where the bra industry is undergoing serious upheaval, an upside to wire bras with breast cancer survivors is that it’s not that the wire bra is not right for the client, it’s you have to make the wire bra work for you while you’re recovering from treatment procedures that compromise and weaken a woman’s breast.

Overall, there’s no magic formula or algorithm to boosting your bra sales or boosting your bra business’s social media presence, it all comes down to reaching out to your customers on a regular basis, and giving them the utmost care possible virtually with guidance.

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