Andrew Lloyd Webber will not social distance theatre @Variety @OfficialALW #TeamALW #westend #broadway #COVID19

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Andrew Lloyd Webber, best known for theater productions such as “Phantom Of The Opera”, “Point Of No Return”, and “Joseph & The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat”, cried out to U.K’s Digital, Culture, Media, and Sport committee that theatre is in danger of not coming back if it doesn’t open back up soon, reported today by Variety.

Even though Parliament Cultural Secretary, Oliver Dowden says he hopes theatres open by Christmas, Webber strong arms that Theatres must open by Christmas, but Webber will not dare social distance when reopening, Webber will not accept 30 percent capacity, it takes time to plan for an up taking like this, and theatre cannot be switched on like tap water.

Webber has proof that theatre can reopen without social distancing as Webber used his Palladium Theatre in London to successfully COVID19 proof the Palladium by investing in over $300,000 worth of equipment from Korea to sanitize, temperature check, and clean any traces of COVID19 in his performance space, without plexiglass, or social distancing with both performer and attendee.

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