Nick Cordero #amandakloots son Elvis learns #guitar from @frostyvasthy #nickcordero #liveyourlife #broadway #COVID19

Courtesy: Amandakloots Instagram

Music In The Blood

If you want your children to be talented in an art from like dance and/ or music, then it’s best to start when they’re out of the womb, music must be present and playing in the house, thankfully there’s early signs of performing arts in one-year-old Elvis, the son of the late Nick Cordero, and his wife, Amanda Kloots, where good friend, @frostyvasthy, sings and plays her guitar for Elvis.

As Frosty plays and sings, little Elvis (Nick Jr.) gets all happy and grabs his little play guitar where Elvis mimics Frosty, showing the purist signs of talent that his late dad left him, destined for a bright future as a talented performer.

Daniel Quintanilla

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